About Staroak Designs : Personalised Equestrian Clothing

Alison decided to try out Western riding at the beginning of 2015, found a trainer (Penny), acquired an American Quarter Horse (thanks to Penny) and then the two of them realised that they could build a business together and haven’t looked back since.

If you would like to meet us, come and see us at any of the shows listed on our Events page. Penny might well be locked away from public view while she works her magic and creates amazing garments but can always be tempted out by a sweet milky tea.

Penny Connah

A very cold Penny at the West Country Game Fair.

Penny Connah

Penny, our Art Director, is very well known as an equine trainer and breeder. She is a very talented artist who creates wonderful portraits of horses and dogs in sparkling rhinestuds and she combines both her passions to create spectacular, personalised equestrian clothing that is as hard-wearing as it is beautiful and eye-catching.

Alison Sloan

Alison is an accounts and systems enthusiast and nags Penny about invoices and computer systems  (I think Penny gets her own back during riding lessons). Her idea of heaven is a fully-integrated, touch-screen sales, payments and accounting system.  I know… but she’s happy.

Never happier than when expounding about the joys of technology.